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Thursday, December 7, 2023

The war that never ends

The war between Israel and Palestine is back started this time, by Hamas when it raided civilians on Oct 7th causing more than a thousand deaths. Unfortunately the crisis has only got worse pushing out peace in the region by few more decades. Unlike other conflicts of the world - which I believe are solvable over time - this one unfortunately cannot. Conflicts between India-Pakistan, Russia-Ukraine - they have historical precedence of being together as one nation. Pre-dominantly - it’s a clash between rulers / governments on either side - there is no big people to people conflict. But only in the Israel-Palestine conflict - historically this has been a people to people conflict. This confirms - the problem has no end in sight. The war would end one day - lot of people would be dead on either side - more on the Palestine part - because of their vulnerable status, only to start all over again a different time with a different reason. Subsequent leadership on either side - lacked the will or the desire to resolve the conflict. It has only got bigger and bigger.

We all will live to see a lot more quick wars between them - the hatred has only increased.

Israel is supported by Western countries and is genuinely part of the richer nations club. It has access to weapons, technology-progress and might against a smaller refuge state of Palestine.

Palestine on the other side, is a weak block. Even though they gain sympathy from a majority of the world population (who are aware of the conflict) - Their lack of progress (economic, social & political) can only be attributed to their own people and its past leaders. In my opinion - its applicable to the entire Muslim-dominated middle eastern countries. It can arguably told - The middle east hasn't generated a single political mass leader in years. Because of radical religious thoughts - the country has not been exposed to alternative thinking - and the weakness has only extended over the years. What the middle east really lacks - a unifier like a Gandhi. In my opinion, that person has to be non-religious (leader of all sections), carries the integrity, honest and vision of a future middle east. This part of the world has always missed that. This is probably because the leaders liked power more than the genuine belief to make things better beyond their own interests. I am not saying - what the Muslim world should do - all I'm saying is - they need to operate as a united block under a commanding leadership of someone (home grown) - who has a vision and has the belief of majority of the people in the region. What we often end up - leaders who are token citizens of a country but really whose family resides somewhere in an affluent western country with business interests everywhere around the world except in their own native countries. These so called leaders - exist in plenty on the west of the Indian subcontinent until the Atlantic Ocean. The lack of unity among the middle eastern nations can be attributed to just the lack of this leadership trait - unauthenticity. Because of that - they are corrupt. The leader has to be from within - someone who is born, grows up and lives through the daily routine of most of his people - a really close to the people leader.

India is a diverse land with huge diversity is religion, caste, creed, language - but still she managed to create visionary leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Abdul Kalam, etc. They represent Indianism in the minds of the Indian people. It is very hard to remember a visionary from say Pakistan - which was part of India for bulk of its existence. That is because the country is based on a religion. Once you go that route - it is very hard to lead otherwise. Religion is good and it controls the chaos - I'm not saying there should not be religions. There can be. It cannot be a way of political life. Because religions has beliefs and not all people in a region conform to the similar beliefs - it fundamentally divides people even though it unites a concentrated section of the people. By definition - if you accept a religion's beliefs, you are against the beliefs of other people - that puts you in conflict right away. So right to practice any religion should be the norm - but it cannot be politically enforced. I'm not advocating for a liberal society. I am just saying - political leaders with the will of the people and with aspirations of the son of the soils without a religious bias can provide better political establishment to a nation.

The history of Israel-Palestine conflict - Every time the Palestinians get killed (most of them Civilians), the Arab world would send signals indicating their support and then it goes nowhere. Israel is too bigger power for the Arab nations and exerts its authority which is natural. Historically - the Arab nations have not even be able to reduce the intensity of the damage caused by Israeli military on the Palestine civilians. It breaks my heart to see those horrible visuals on X. Most of them are not combatants.  

With Elon Musk opening up X- more uncensored information is coming out of the conflict and it has created more awareness on the issue for people around the world. This time - it has increased the sympathy for the Palestinian people and decreased the empathy for the Jewish state.

What should be the resolution for this major conflict that can cause a world war? I do not know. But I do know - the resolution has to be from people who live there on either side. They need to determine how it should be resolved amicably with mutual give and takes. There is no alternative. The UN or other powerful nations - may have opinions on how it can be solved - but are useless. Those planted resolutions don't work. A true resolution should come from within. 

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