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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Economic Facts that just doesn't make sense!

If everyone pays taxes, India will be a developed country.

You still in this myth? What a con. The government needs a percentage of your salary every month. They take this money and do some goodies for you - Roads, Water, electricity, law & order. Everyone knows how each one of them is working out now in our country. Not to mention we pay for it individually (as electric bill, water bill) from what is left from our salary. The political establishment in the country gets this taxes and squanders it at will. It is only to ensure their political survival. The more you give them, the more they squander. Just imagine - everyone in India pays taxes. They will happily get it and shower it with their friends and family. Did you ever imagine if  you are sick and you don't get paid for a month - the government doesn't get you any help that month. But it still needs a big chunk of your next month's salary. What a disgrace.

Money is best used by the person who earns it.

India will be a super power if there are "no taxes"

Indian Re is losing value because of "something"

You can see news article every other week to justify the reasons of why the Indian Rupee is going down against the other global currencies this week. Sometimes its the current account deficit, sometimes its the fiscal deficit, sometimes its FII outflows and many times - its the global investor sentiment. No one knows who that guy really is. Experts get away by saying its my pension fund. What you usually don't see is - When current account deficit or the fiscal deficit are well below global standards (meaning good) - the rupee does not appreciate either. Usually you hear that FIIs are withdrawing money and hence rupee is losing value. I would think - the opposite should be true. But what puzzles me, is when the FIIs pumped in those money - the rupee didn't perform any better - it still went down.

A normal Indian would get into a depression state of mind, if he watched how Rupee always goes down - no matter what. At least they can stop saying the various reasons to help this patient.

Bringing back all the black money would make India prosperous

With Narendra Modi government in-place for more than a year now, we as Indians should admit - the black money isn't coming back. Black money is a private person's money. No one would surrender that money - because it was accumulated 'with hard work' in his point of view. This is not the "tax money" - which the government would have used to lift "poor people". Even if the money was "paid in taxes" during those times - it wouldn't make any difference to our poverty level .

Even if its brought in - it wouldn't help others. Distribution of that huge new "uncirculated" currency notes will only increase inflation. The person who worked hard to get it should be allowed to decide on what he wants to do with it. At least his spending would create some new jobs. The government trying to distribute that money would only increase poverty.

Indian Passenger with excess gold is a smuggler

You see this news often. Do you? Someone is "caught" in the airport with more than the allowed quantity of gold is a national criminal. Lets step back a minute and dissect this. Just say, a Indian citizen makes money in a foreign country. He pays his tax due there and has the rest in his pocket. It is his freedom of choice to buy anything with it. He can buy gold or just tissue papers, if he wishes. He can then decide to take it to India because he might need it there. So now this officer in the airport - so called customs is refusing to allow the person to enter with such a quantity of gold. It is unlawful and they demean the traveler in the next day newspaper. Remember, if he brought in the same worth of tissue papers - the customs officer is just fine. It doesn't make a difference if its tissue paper or gold or cow dung. Anyone can buy whatever he wants and can bring it to his permanent place of residence to fund his future consumptions.

Stopping the person from bringing gold is not economics. It is called stealing by the government. If the passenger makes a cut to the government (as taxes), the country is just fine economically.

Oil prices in India are market driven

I just checked the global Brent crude oil price. It is somewhere around $38 USD. Until sometime back a barrel cost more than $120 USD. It is almost a 2/3rd fall in recent prices. So it would be logical for me to assume that the price I pay at the pump has gone down 2/3rd. But actually no. It has only come down from say around Rs. 80/- to Rs. 60/-, a quarter percentage reduction. Anyone with a reasonably sound mind can figure out the part - that the prices of petrol / diesel has not been decontrolled as publicized by the government. In reality what happens is, when the price of oil goes up, the government subsidizes it. When it goes down, the government cashes-in (like now).

A real decontrol would be to leave it alone. Heavy taxation is heavily affecting productivity. An oil a liter is probably around Rs. 30/-. Just imagine how much stimulus that would give to our slowing economy.

Petroleum products are heavily taxed in our country. This is where it gets bulk of its money. India has a vast population that doesn't pay taxes on salaries or income. So the government is left with no option but to heavily tax a commonly used commodity - that is where oil perfectly fits in. For me, I do not want the government to subsidize when prices go up and at the same time, want the complete advantage when the prices go down.

One thing that always happen in India : Prices of a commodity go up significantly in a hype. but NEVER comes down to the same levels ever again.