Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Appoint a committee

Whenever new scams surface, there is usually a political rally by opposition for it. Newspapers flash story about it. They come up with huge monitory figures to depict how serious the crime was. They make it so juicy and nice to read for its viewers. The 24 x 7 news channel would be on top of it until they get the next story. It is fun time everywhere. Initially the ruling government denies anything ever went wrong. Usually they all end up in the same way - the government would set up a committee to investigate the issue. (like any other Indian movies that end with the hero marrying the heroine and all moviegoers leave the theatre happy) The people who are accused of, say the investigation is going to bring out the truth. We don't want to discuss this - because its under judiciary now. Basically it says - Lets leave this out for now and lets move on. To make the intention look sincere they sugarcoat by saying that only a retired supreme court judge would handle it. Anyone with a lesser cadre would not be able to track the truth. They make a committee, with the judge's name (at least he gets some publicity) and for now - Its Business as usual for everyone including the accused, government, opposition and the common man who is glued to his television set and the newspaper. How many committees has this country seen. Countless. Over time - the intensity of the matter comes down and the committee itself gets multiple extensions. We usually don't hear about it for a long time., sometimes even decades. We hear quiz questions and even in public service exams about which committee is tracking which scams. Most often people get it wrong because there are just too many of them and it gets really confusing for an ordinary candidate. Pockets of news appear on the newspaper here and there about its existence by saying it conducted an investigation of so and so witnesses. Usually the committee member comes in a ambassador car with a public servant with him - carrying his suitcase/files and trying to make him way to get into the building. After that the accused comes in a fleet of car, with lots of his supporters surrounding him and raising slogans against sometime unrelated opposition party. The person would wave his hands, hug people around, would talk to the waiting cameras. The supporters around him are very agitated and are pushing people around. Its a hectic place to stand within for anyone. It is really a good publicity for the politician. Next day you see pictures flashed in newspaper and very same rhetorical political punch statements. You don't hear about it for a long time after that. Over time - the investigation gets diluted. Nothing comes out of these committees ever. Sometimes when it does see a day of light, they don't make it to main page of any newspaper. Most witness turn hostile. The political climate is far different from the original days. Basically the wrong-doer gets away with it.

The Adarsh report is one such report to have met its deadline. It has blamed four chief ministers of wrong doing with multiple political heavy weights also mentioned in the report. The ruling party has taken a decision to discard it. In fact it is the same establishment that the report finds fault with. To accept that would mean - that the Congress party has to admit its Chief Ministers tried to exploit government funds for personal benefits. The current home minister of the country is also accused to have got the favor. He should resign too. It is just lot of things to admit. The Maharashtra state government has refused to accept the report. This is a new low point in the Indian Democracy. If there are no credible action or punishment - why even constitute a committee. Just think that the committee came out saying that everything was followed as per law and discharges everyone from any guilt. The establishment would praise the committee and would highlight it by saying : I always trusted the Indian Judiciary. Are they not supposed to find what went wrong and bring people to justice? Issues like Adarsh - the politicians consider them harmless vice. They just think - they just capitalized on a apartment building built for fallen soldier's families. They extended the project by building more house on top of that for themselves. If rules are not followed in strict sense, this is what happens to civil society. Every law of the country is diluted one-by-one. It makes us wonder - which laws really are followed tooth and nail. Either all laws are treated equally and followed., nor everything goes out of the window. In India - looks everything goes out of the window. People who commit murders come out on bail within a month. People who are accused of rape are out of prison right away. People who are convicted with jail term - come out by appealing to a higher court. Lallu Yadav did it recently. People who are punished by Supreme Court (after decades) - just come out on parole very often for months. Sanjay Dutt and Manu Sharma are recent examples. Things are so confusing to put a logic below them. It looks you could get away with ANYTHING in our country.

If you just think it over - it all ends up as a thamasha to public. The initial phase keeps media busy. The government counters them with their own statements, press releases. Opposition makes their own statements, dharna, bandh. Finally its all nothing. The status quo remains. No harm caused anywhere. The looting continues.

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